Never Loved Elvis

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These lyrics are Copyright 1991, Polygram Music Publishing, Inc.

SONG: Mission Drive (4:12)
My Mission Drive, is to open up my eyes,
and I don't car who wants to stare these days.
To realize, to be brought back down to size,
the wicked lies and all the shite you say.
I'm not losing my mind,
no I'm not changing my lines,
I'm just learning new things with the passage of time.
I'm looking on the bright side,
I wear it like a bruise,
I've never loved Elvis,
and I've never sung the blues.
I'm thinking of another man,
I remind myself of him,
I wear him like a hairstyle,
or a stain upon my skin,
but, my flesh is getting cleaner,
and my hair is growing thin.

SONG: Play (2:46)

Play, I only ever saw it as play,
I didn't think that's what they'd say.
No, I never wanna hear that again.
I used to have paper and pen,
I'd write it down time and again,
and I'm never gonna do that again.
All those thigns I said,
I only said them in jest,
(my God what a mess),
I said all of those things to you,
and now there's very little left,
and I'm never gonna do that again.
Rain, I hate getting caught in the rain,
I hope it doesn't happen again,
No, I never wanna get caught again.
I used to think drinking brought shame,
but a bottle of wine I would drain,
yeah, I bet I'm gonna do that again.

SONG: False Start (0:47)
I didn't come to spray my name
across the walls of fame,
to point the finger or lay the blame
and welcome you to the cheap seats.

SONG: Welcome to the Cheap Seats (2:53)
Laugh when he jokes, slap him when he chokes.
It's time to give up the smokes.
And ohh when he cries don't wipe his eyes,
take the wine from the swine,
and remind him of his crimes.
Ohh in another world............
yeah he could wear a dress.
Imagine his suprise when he opened his eyes,
and I'd run the lawnmower over his thighs.
Imagine the disturbance,
at the time of the occurance,
when his life became a burden,
and we laughed at his cries.
Welcome to the cheap seats,
where your life's seen through cracked spectacles.

SONG: The Size of a Cow (3:12)
Don't you think it's funny that nothing's what it
seems when you're not looking forward?
Me, I'd like to think life is like a drink,
and I'm hoping that it tastes like bourbon.
You know that I've been drunk a thousand times,
and these should be the best days of my life,
Life, it's not what I thought it was.
Damn blast, look at my past,
ripping up my feet over broken glass.
Oh wow, look at me now,
I'm building up my problems to the size of a cow.
You know it would be strange to life life in a cage,
and only believe the things you see
that are written on the page.
How easy would it be home in time for tea,
and stop feeling like a sailboat rocking on the sea.
You know that It's been sunk a thousand times,
and these should be the best days..........

SONG: Sleep Alone (3:49)
Do you remember when I spoke to you?
I was easy then, and I'm easy now.
I still sit at home twitching my fingers,
playing the songs of my favorite singers,
easy then, I'm easy now.
And when the days turn into nights,
and the nights turn into days,
she would say. (Oh I wish she'd stay).
"This house is not my home"
I choose to sleep alone,
I'm not waiting for the telephone.
No, I'm not waiting for the telephone,
oh no.

SONG: Donation (3:55)
Make the call,
make the call now,
make your donation,
to teh breath of a sighing nation.
Here's my reaction,
to the smell of stale sweat,
at the back of a railway station,
here's my donation,
to the flow of a dying nation.
It's ugly and it's desperate, no,
It's deserving of it's rot,
seperate those who have and have not.
Get religion, join the church,
get religion, join the church,
make your donation,
have a care,
baldness is under everybody's hair.
Read all the leaflets,
fill the envelopes that fall through your door,
empty your pockets,
patronize, sympathize with the poor.
Jesus loves you,
more than I do.

SONG: Inertia (3:56)
Ohh, where does river end?
Aah, where does journey find friend?
Ohh, where does river end?
It just keeps on moving.
No, it's not a boy's name,
No, it's not a girl's name,
Inertia, I'd call my child all the same,
so (s)he'd keep on moving.
Don't let your feet stick to the ground,
when everyone else is moving all around,
Don't be stationary or laden down,
just keep on moving.
Don't try to tell me that your feet are made of lead,
Two choices, hang back or get ahead.
Lead the pack, get it in your head to
keep on moving.
Ooh, inertia.

SONG: Maybe (4:11)
Maybe I should be a writer,
wroight a book and feel much brigter,
share my thoughts with the world.
Or maybe I could be a film maker,
celluloid, more fun than paper,
you never see the scren's corners curl.
Aah maybe then I could be a lover,
find a girl and win her over,
and tell her that she's the only one.
But maybe then a philanderer,
I'd sneak around and lie to her,
and kid myself that I'm the happy one.
I'm not looking over four leaf clover,
I'm just waiting for hell to freeze over.
Maybe I should take the mike, (mic')
stand up tall like Michael Stipe,
and try to solve all the problems of the earth.
Or maybe then I should sit back down,
scratch my chin and use my frown,
and try to figure out exactly what I'm worth.
We'r estill building churches, burning books, 
killing the babies to feed the cooks.
Who said the world would turn out fair?
So I guess I'll dig myself a hole,
ask the devil if he wants my soul,
And do soemthing real like cut my hair.
Ooh, "maybe this" and "maybe that",
it may be satin and it may be sack.
won't really matter much in the end.
May be my enemy, may be my friend?
I'd drive myself around the bend,
thanks for your time and ears to lend.

SONG: Grotesque (1:59)
Since I've been seeing you,
there's a lot more things that I should do.
Since I've known your name,
I've been so lazy that I should be ashamed,
and you should see my place,
it's been a mess since I saw your face.
I don't know how or why you came,
I don't know shit,
don't ven know my name.
Well you don't ask me for much,
but I'm losing track of half my stuff,
things go without a trace,
and your best friend tells me 
you've got a new place,
well I bet it looks just fine,
more than half the things you've got are mine,
and I should break your neck,
'cos I'm losing track,
and I'm losing my self respect.
Oh now I'm getting mad,
for the love of the things I used to have,
yeah now I'm feeling bad,
for the love of the girl that drives me mad,
all her friends look smug,
it's catching on like a virus bug,
and she's got some poor mug,
she'll get him down and she'll do it again.

SONG: Here Comes Everyone (3:49)
There is no us, there is only I,
dropped like a tear from my mother's eye.
Mother do you know your son at all?
Looking for the things he'll never ind,
talks too much about suicide,
who can tell what's on his mind?
Here comes everyone.
Live fast, die young,
leave a good looking corpse,
I'm only joking of course.
I'm gonna ride out of here on a big white horse,
like some poetic whore.
Here comes everyone.
Could you love him?
Would he love you?
Here comes everyone.

SONG: Caught In My Shadow (3:45)
Caught in my shadow.
These streets used to look big,
this town used to look like a city,
these people used to talk to me.
Caught in my shadow.
Offer me the bait, I'd take it,
offer me the cake, I'd bake it,
generally I'd try to fake it,
but these days I'd rather face it.
Caught in my shadow.
If it's not enough I gave my blood,
my sweat, my tears, and I said I would.
Caught in my shadow.

SONG: 38 Line Poem (5:28)
When I lay night,
you know I feel alright,
and there's a reason why.
And my reasons why,
I feel so high,
I've got the flying five.
And no I wouldn't sing,
just to gather hoards,
that would only bore.
My reasons why
I'm with the flying five,
they're worth so much more.
And no they didn't come,
just to sing you pop,
or to join the rot.
You know they didn't come
to hear the words
"Forget Me Not",
'cos they're just like everybody else.