Credit where it is due

This site had it beginnings in 1993, when a group of 10 or so, who had a strange fascination with the world's greatest band, The Wonder Stuff. It grew into this huge Web site, and a 300+ member mailing list with subscribers from 11 countries. The website hasn't been updated very extensively in recent years, and the mailing list is long gone, but amazing friendships and memories remain.

Here's the BIG THANK YOU LIST, to those who have contributed to this colorful mess.

    James Betts (Guitar-tab man),
    Roger Boge,
    Ludvig Borgne (discog),
    Philip M. Corbett (many chords),
    Doris Elisabeth Wessels (discog),
    Chris Franz (lyrics & discog help),
    Martin Gilks,
    Phil Grant (the world wouldn't be the world without Phil, and our tabs section would be a lot smaller),
    Mark Harman (discog),
    Lenny Hipp (for being there with I'm too tired to be sarcastic), Miles Hunt (well, you know),
    Russ Hunt (for EVERYTHING!),
    Matt Legge (for typing up MANY lyrics),
    Alan Macdougall (Father of the wantlist),
    Adam Maxwell,
    Craig Morris,
    Simon Morris,
    Frederik Stenberg Pedersen,
    Chris Pudney,
    Marcus Roberts,
    Alizah Rotramel,
    Martin Schori,
    David Smith (without whom, the Mailing List would seem a lot more like the Ned's list,
    Craig Soule (for being there from the start),
    Joe Sprenger (Son of the wantlist),
    Brent Stickels,
    William Stoner (father of the discography long before I became obsessed with the band,
    Rob Stott,
    Andrew Tay (aka Ant),
    and Eugene Unger.

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