Appearances Elsewhere

"The Dotted Line (Here)"

Jan 1987, EMI Records, EE3530.

Side 1, Track 1. A Wish Away (live)

"The Dotted Line (There)"

Jan 1987, EMI Records, EE3531.

Side 2, Track 3. Redbury(!) Joy Town (live)

- Recorded Monday 26 - Saturday 31 January 1987 at the ICA on London's Embankment. It was EMI Records "Dotted Line..." festival. A host of then unsigned or independent bands played at the shows. EMI recorded them all and released two compilation albums of the best of them. Included were:

(Here): The Crows, We Free Kings, Voice Of The Beehive, The Favourites, Dave Howard Singers, Crazyhead, Blue Aeroplanes, Brilliant Corners, Aslan, and the Jack Rubies.

(There): Voice Of The Beehive, Episode Four, The Vakeros, North of Cornwalls, Brilliant Corners, Blue Aeroplanes, Discipline, Dave Howard Singers, Fun Patrol, Hands Of A Virgin, Head Of David, Crazyhead, Giant, and The Crows.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis Has Left The Building"

1988, Polygram, CDP 34

13. A Wish Away; 2:31

"House Of Dolls 7"

1989, HOD 011 (7").

1. Who Wants To Be The Disco King? (King Of The Disco Mega Mix)

The Mission U.K. / The Wonder Stuff "THE DELIVERANCE TOUR 1990"

1990, Polygram, SACD 166

2. Don't Let Me Down, Gently; 3:00
4. Cartoon Boyfriend; 3:25
6. Give Give Give Me More More More; 2:43
8. A Wish Away; 2:24
10. Radio Ass Kiss; 2:54
12. Piece Of Sky; 2:21

"Play" (Polygram Sampler)

1990, Polygram (US), SACD185 (Promo Only).

14. Circlesquare (Paranoia Mix); 3:25

- The CD contains 16 tracks, including songs by The Mission, Material Issue, and others.

"ear this - Polygram Alternative Sampler Vol. 1"

1990, Polygram (US), SACD162 (Promo Only).

15. Cartoon Boyfriend

- Also contains "Tombstone," by Eat as track 3, House of Love, Michelle Shocked, The Fall, The Mission UK.

Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff: "Dizzy"

October 1991, Island (UK), 868 977-2, SIGH2-12

1. Dizzy (The Coffee Break Mix); 4:32
3. Dizzy (7" Version); 3:17

- Went to #1 on the Brit charts.

Absolution - "Rock The Alternative Way"

1991, Polygram (UK), 845 747-1/2/4

4. Don't Let Me Down Gently

- Also includes Ramones, The Damned, Stranglers, Psychedelic Furs, which make the Stuffies look a bit out of place!

Hultsfred Festivalen '91"

1991, Hultsfred Records.

- The Size Of A Cow

- A 19 track CD compilation of the bands who appeared at the festival in Sweden. Sold only during the festival.


1991, Polydor (UK), Rich7

- Mission Drive

- A 10 Track CD compilation from various labels under the Polygram umbrella.

"We're Ready"

1991?, Polydor/Island (Promo)

?.Caught in My Shadow

"Say What You Want: Artists for Rock The Vote"

1992, Mercury (US), 515 227-2

2. Room 512; 3:09

"Free at Last 2"

1992, Polygram (Canada), HMVONT 92

4. That's Entertainment

"Ruby Trax Gems"

1. Coz I Love You

- A NME promo 5-track CD Sampler; also features Manic Street Preachers, Fatima Mansions, Suede, and Blur.

"Ruby Trax, The NME's Roaring Forty" (NME Magazine)

1. Coz I Love You

-Part of the 2 CD set containing countless covers.

"Out On The Left"

1993, Polydor

?. Red Berry Joy Town

- Also contains material by Eat, The Jam, Velvet Underground, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) is on the cover.

"Park Pop '93 Den Haag"

- Caught In My Shadow

- A 13 track CD compilation of bands who appeared at the 1993 Park Pop Festival at Den Haag in Holland and only sold on site. Release sponsored by Den Haag Visitors & Convention Bureau!!!

FMBQ Modern Rock Super Sampler Vol. II

4 October 1993.

6. Full Of Life (Happy Now); 3:34

- The CD is "hosted" by Tom Calderone of Modern Rock Live, and also has tracks by Luscious Jackson, Alison Moyet, Curve, etc..

"Q DCCCD II" (Q Magazine)

October 1993.

7. Storm Drain; 4:04

"Volume Eight"

1993, Total Record Company (UK), 8VCD8

4. Swell (dub version remix thing/ mad remix); 4:04

"Flood 13 and Other Disasters"

1994, Polygram, no id#. (Promo Only)

- Closer To Fine

-Packaged with The November 1994 issue of Vox (UK)

"Vox Presents The Radio 1 FM Sessions"

October 1994, VOX, GIV IT 8.

11. Golden Green (Live at Phoenix July 1994)

-Packaged with The November 1994 issue of Vox (UK)

"Alterno-Daze 90's Natural Selection"

1995, Rebound Records [special markets division of PolyGram]

?. Don't Let Me Down Gently (Extended), 4:45

"Q Magazine - November 1996"

November 1996.

1. Dire Straits - Walk of Life (86)
2. Wet Wet Wet - Wishing I Was Lucky (87)
3. ABC - When Smokey Sings (87)
4. INXS - New Sensation (88)
5. Tears For Fears - Women In Chains (89)
6. The Beautiful South - Song For Whoever (89)
7. Happy Mondays - Step On (90)
8. James - Sit Down (93)
9. The Wonder Stuff - The Size Of A Cow (91)
10. Sting - Fields Of Gold (93)
11. New Order - Regret (93)
12. Warren G - Regulate (94)
13. Cast - Fine Time (95)
14. Joan Osborne - One Of Us (96)
15. Dodgy - Good Enough (96)

- A CD to celebrate 10 years of Q (whee). Here we get what THEY think were the best songs of the decade. Hmm.
TWS were given the following blurb:

The Wonder Stuff - The Size Of A Cow (1991)

Former Stourbridge Grebo rockers went all Celtic Soul Brothers-meets-Madness in 1991 on their Never Loved Elvis album. Size Of A Cow was the LP's classic "cut", a reeling, drunken, dress-wearing anthem accompanied by a video which was pure music hall vaudeville. The "Stuffies" became hirsute "Brummies" in baggy tartan shorts, played football stadiums and filled their songs with Martin "Fiddly" Bell. One more album, Construction For The Modern Idiot, followed before their split in 1994, with Miles Hunt returning as leader of the splenetic Vent 414, and the rest of them re-grouping as the crazily named Weknowwhereyoulive.

"CAMP" - Motion Picture Soundtrack

2003, Decca, 66712

10. The Size of a Cow
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