The Wonder Stuff
19 March 1986 - 15 July 1994,
9 December 2000 - ?

The Wonder Stuff have released a 2 CD live set and Miles and Erica will be touring throughout the U.K. in 2008. In addition, there are several full Wonder Stuff shows on this year, includng two in October with Jesus Jones as openers. Please see for details and much much more.

Martin Gilks lost his life on 3 April, 2006 (BBC News). Please take a moment to remember him at

Also, please note that this site is no longer being regularly updated beyond this section. With all the online resources these days, from MySpace to Wikipedia to the band's own website, I don't see the demand for individually-operated fansites. However, the content of this site, which was created in 1994, and grew from a very memorable mailing list dating from 1991, will remain online. It was a good ride, thanks everyone!
Miles Hunt - Solo
U.S. Miles Hunt releases can be found at Gig Records.
Don't miss the online Miles Hunt show at Studio M.
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The Lambast Fanzine - Issue 2
"The History of The Wonder Stuff" - (Lambast 3/4)
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Miles and Martin - (Lambast, Early 1991)
"Deconstruction For The Modern Idiot" - (Q 11/93)
Jay Hedblade interviews Miles Hunt - (12/93)
Miles on "Heroes & Villians" - (NME 3/94)
Martin Bate reviews "If The Beatles..." - (9/94)
David Addey interviews Miles Hunt - (1995)
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For discussion groups related to Miles Hunt/ Wonder Stuff/ Vent 414/ etc., visit the Brum list at Yahoo Groups, or the Wonder Stuff Message Board at Room 512.

Some products of the list include Phil Grant's "1996 Wonder Stuff Poll".


The Wonder Stuff in Japan

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